The Family Group Foundation was established in October 2012 by an associated group of companies that include Family Bank Limited (FBL), Kenya Orient Insurance Limited and Daykio Plantations Limited (DPL).

Over the last 25 years, FBL, KOIL and DPL have benefited from the growth of the Kenyan economy in the finance, insurance and real estate sectors, respectively. It became evident to the leadership of these institutions that as the businesses thrived, many families in the community were struggling and vulnerable to the challenges of  life. Some of these challenges include unequal access to education, health and financial services.

In response, FBL, KOIL and DPL each separately engaged in a number CSR activities and in time found that this strategy of small and scattered interventions did not deliver the desired outcome. A review of this approach led to a recognition of the advantages to be had in acting corporately for the social good, and the founding of The Family Group Foundation.

The foundation is focused on the expansion and restructuring of selective CSR activities previously ran by its founding sponsors,  as well as the initiation of new interventions that are more responsive to the challenges impacting Kenyan families.

Martha Rehema

Uploaded by The Family Group Foundation on 2017-06-09.