Photo Essay: A day with alumni volunteering at school

We recently spent a day  with TFGF alumni Winnie Nyaga at Imara Daima Adventist school, documenting the work of Family Group Foundation Alumni, Winnie Nyaga who volunteers at the school as a teaching assistant. While there Winnie shared some of the photos of the students at the school. The school has only one access point that provides water, this provides a challenge to the students who many times do not wash their hands after visiting the wash rooms. Below are photos that provide a small glimpse of everyday life of these children while at school.

Winnie preparing to serve the students the mid day meal.
Students at the school having their meal time. They have no access to spoons therefore eat with their hands or make shift spoons

Students having their mid day meal
Students enjoying their meal
Spoons that Winnie Nyaga and her colleagues have been collecting so that students at the school can stop eating with their hands
To date, Winnie and colleagues have collected over 700 spoons and they still need more..
Dishes waiting to be cleaned at the only water point in the school. The school has only 1 water tank. This leaves children vulnerable to infections.
Students during break time at Imara Daima Adventist school
Winnie with student in class
Winnie with students in class

Winnie teaching students