Empowered by community service

Ian Nguitui comes from a single parent home. He is a first year student at the University of Nairobi studying Actuarial Science. The 2017 mentorship program made his choice of course make sense after listening to an inspiration talk from Kenya Orient Managing Director – Mr. Muema Muindi during the 2017 mentorship workshop. “Mr. Muema inspired me to like my course more. I chose it as my first option but I wouldn’t give it up for any other course right now.”

Two thirds of youth constitute the Kenyan labour market. According to a UNDP analysis of 2013, some 800,000 youth enter the labour market every year. The Family Group foundation holds a mentorship workshop that invites successful Kenyans to come and inspire the students as they prepare to join campus and the job market.

 “After completing KCSE exam, I started reading books to expand my knowledge and build my vocabulary.” Ian said.  Ian later joined the PACE program that encourages community service.

PACE gives form four leavers an opportunity to give back by volunteering as teaching assistants at Primary Schools within their locality.

He joined Buruburu 1 Primary School as a teaching assistant. Where he taught mathematics and sciences for students between class 5 and 8. In addition to this he trained the students in extra curricula activities such as sports and swimming.

“The PACE program taught me how to speak without fear in front of people and teamwork with my colleagues. We would develop marking schemes for the students’ exams. It also taught me to understand that people are different, from different backgrounds; from the students to the teachers.”

Both the students and the teachers loved us. We would work for 15 hours a week. Other teachers would request us to take over their classes because of the impact we were bringing to the students.

After completion of his community service project, he continues to take part in other projects that will help him to advance his career and his passion. He is currently developing a platform that will enable dairy farmers access information needed to increase their yields.

“I would like to thank my mum because she really worked hard to get my campus first semester fees. This inspires me to work hard and know that my past does not define me. I love how she inspires me to work hard.” He said.

Ian’s last mentorship workshop left a huge impression on him. Two of the sessions that had an impact were the session o financial education and the CEO round table.