Info-graphic: 5 Reasons why trees matter

At the Family Group Foundation, we have set a target for the Tree for Life campaign to work with local communities around the country to plant 1 Million trees over the next 3 years. The info-graphic below shows 5 reasons why trees matter.

#1: Trees are essential for generating rain

Trees are essential for generating rain and for forming rivers, forest provide the humidity necessary for the formation of mountain glaciers.

#2: Trees conserve carbon in soils as well as in their own biomass.

#3: Reforestation provides long term carbon sink and improves soils and improves soils, also helping to recover, the regional hydro-logical cycle which can affect the global climate.

#4: Forests bring about cooling. Forest regeneration in degraded and deforested areas contributing to global cooling and combats global warming.

#5: Trees sustain communities living around the forest ecosystem.