Jerome Njihia’s Give Back Initiative

Jerome (second right) with fellow scholars at a recent workshop

My name is Jerome Njihia, a form 4 students at Alliance High School and a Family Group Foundation Beneficiary. During the 2016, November academic  mentorship workshop, we were tasked with doing community activity give back initiative and report back on our experiences. I have several activities that I do to give back to the community.

I serve as a Sunday school teacher in schools and churches within close proximity to the school. This spirit of service I can comfortably say has followed me home even during the holidays. At home, I tutor my neighbors’ kids who need help improving their grades and doing their homework. One such kid is my good friend Kahoro, with whom I spend most of my time.

At school I am a prefect serving in the medical department where I am tasked with the duty of providing medical assistance to students in need. I am under the training of the school nurse who is a trained and experienced professional. To further my knowledge in a medical capacity, I help out at a local clinic with work in registry of patients and light cleaning duty. The clinic’s owner, Mr. Gitonga is my mentor, he always is willing to help me.

In my neighborhood, I have come up with a better way for children to engage themselves in less harmful and destructive activities by encouraging them to play board games. I have gone as far as teaching a few kids how to play chess, a game that I really enjoy at a personal level. This of course I do free of charge, as I don’t see the need of telling children’s parents to pay for it. The joy of having taught the children is reward enough for me. I have also taught children how to make crafts such as necklaces and bracelets using beads; a skill I learnt during my trip to Morocco in 2016.

I am and will always be grateful for the bank’s support in paying for my fees to keep in school, where a chance to travel to Morocco would have slipped away from my reach were it not for you.

Giving back to the community has been in my bones throughout my life, I always try to encourage my friends to do the same. I believe from whom much is given, much is indeed expected and I give back the much or little that society has given to me as long as I have breath in my chest. I hope that I may be successful in future, that resources may never be a hindrance whenever I am willing to give back to where I came from.