The TFGF mentoring program aims to make scholars feel valued, understood, supported and respected – like family. Through the mentoring relationship, mentors will develop a strong healthy relationship with their mentees in order to model the behaviors we expect from the scholars. The mentor will be a friend they can trust, a role-model they can look up to, and a guide who will listen to their dreams and help them develop pathways to fulfill those dreams. The mentor will nurture, nudge and support.

Since 2014 TFGF has been mentoring scholars in its mentorship program through annual mentorship workshops. In 2016, the foundation added extra mentorship workshop for Form 3 students. These workshops are held every November and are aimed at preparing the students for KCSE in the coming year.

The foundation also introduced workshops aimed at preparing TFGF alumni for their lives after high school.  This has a great impact on setting the ball rolling in career and academic preparation for scholars’ future.

Why Mentor?

The effects of mentorship on young people cannot be understated. Mentorship helps scholars to grow on every aspect of their life and presents opportunities in their personal, social and economic spheres. Mentorship is a great and critical aspect for every student in the scholarship program.

The TFGF mentorship program nurtures scholars to be capable individuals who are empowered to shape their futures and that of the communities and societies in which they come from.

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