Volunteer as a mentor

The Family Group Foundation mentorship program aims to make scholars feel valued, understood, supported and respected – like family. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, mentors develop a strong healthy relationship with their mentees in order to model the behaviors we expect from the scholars. The mentor will be a friend they can trust, a role-model they can look up to, and guides who will listen to their dreams and help them develop pathways to fulfill those dreams. The mentor will nurture, nudge and support.

Who is a mentor?

a. A Mentor is an experienced professional who shares his or her experience and wisdom to help a mentee reach important career goals. The mentee in this case is a student under the TFGF scholarship program.This program covers peer mentors, career mentors and life mentors.

b. A mentor is someone who will walk with a mentee throughout their 4 year high school journey. The mentorship relationship is not a one off engagement but rather an ongoing relationship that aims to grow scholars both academic and socially as model citizens.

The role of a mentor is to value, understand, respect and support the student. A mentor has to be cheer leader, a role model for positive behavior, an advisor, coach and a guide. A mentor is not a parent or a guardian.

Mentors have a chance to support and foster the development of students to be better citizens and achieve their full potential. Mentors also benefit from the mentor-mentee relationship in the following ways: Enhanced leadership and coaching skills, Improved intercultural competence, Increased confidence and professional growth, gain experience and strengthened expertise in working with students. And finally support the organization’s commitment to deliver Corporate Social Responsibility activities through supporting the Education Pillar. A mentor also gets to give back to the community and feel good!

Mentors and mentees are required to meet every term. The mentor is expected to visit the mentee at school.

The Mentorship team will review potential matches once your personal profile has been received. Mentors and mentees are matched based on shared geographical location, religion, similarities in personality, matching birth date and common goals.

Open communication is the key to any good relationship. At the beginning of your mentoring relationship, you will be asked to agree on expectations with your mentee. Throughout the mentoring relationship you should speak to your mentee on whether or not you are fulfilling the goals set at the beginning. You will also be asked by the Mentorship team to provide feedback on your experience throughout the mentorship relationship. The Mentorship team will be checking up on your progress on a regular basis.

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