Family Group Foundation’s transformation in my life
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Family Group Foundation’s transformation in my life

I really thank God for connecting me with the Family Group Foundation which not only supports students by paying their school fees but also transforms their lives: morally, mentally, spiritually and also psychologically. Nevertheless, it transforms their families hence improving living standards.

My encounter with the TFGF brought a gradual shift and transformation to my life. When I was in primary school, I had a goal of performing well and I wanted to join the best school in Kenya. I did not know how to accomplish this because my family did not have the resources. When I passed my KCPE exam I went into a state of confusion and dilemma. I was frustrated for every foundation that I had applied to receive a scholarship replied with a negative response.

It was not until I met The Family Group Foundation that I was able to benefit from the scholarship program.  This is one of the reasons why Family Bank has gained a lot of trust from people in my village and community in general. I am in a school of my choice and this was made possible by the scholarship I received.

The foundation also impacted me with core values and morals such as integrity, hard- work, faithfulness, love, service to the community and responsibility. This is from the workshops that the foundation has been organizing for students. For instance the workshop held last year was themed: ‘Love your selfie’ which built and restored my self-esteem and propelled me to being a brave and courageous person to face life’s challenges.

I also learnt that despite my background and current status or even the circumstances I find myself in, I can bring change in my generation and achieve what the rest have not achieved. This galvanized me with hard work and focus in my studies.

The foundation team and my mentor Peter Mwai Mutunga have been helpful to me. They have acted as my mother and father to ensure that my life in school was smooth. The team advise me on a range of issues every time we had the chance to interact. They have taught me hard work and not focusing on my background but my goals for the future is more important than my past. May God bless TFGF and continue to increase the foundation abundantly.

Through the foundation I have also been able to meet students from different parts of the country. This has helped me to accept the diversity of the country. This has led to interaction with different students who have different ideas and goals.  It is also through this foundation that I got my goal of studying abroad. I don’t know how but I know it’s possible.

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