Mentorship Program
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Mentorship Program

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Mentorship Program

The Family Group Foundation Mentorship program’s main purpose is to make scholars feel valued, understood, supported and respected – like family. To achieve this, we recruited mentors from Kenya Orient, Daykio Plantations Ltd and Family Bank.

Needless to say, this selfless employees have been the backbone of our Scholarship and Mentorship program. The mentors are friends that the students can trust, role-models they can look up to, and guides who listen to their dreams and help them develop pathways to fulfill those dreams.

The mentors nurture, nudge and support our students in all aspects of their lives including academics. Most of the scholars in our Scholarship program come from families without college graduates, and all come from families that are economically disadvantaged. As such, the mentors are probably one of few adult figures in their lives whose personal and professional life they admire. In fact, a mentor’s very presence validates the students and offer a great measure of acceptance.

The students look up to the mentors as role models, and because of this influence, they encourage the student’s positive behavior and model the attitudes we expect them to have.

The mentors go over and beyond their call of duty to impact the lives of our wonderful students. We have continued to see exemplary performance year after year. And needless to say, our mentors have played a great role. We continue to be grateful to all our volunteers without whom a lot would not be possible. God bless you!